Jon Taylor "Chipmunk"

Rodeo Clown

Class of 2019


HEIGHT: 5 ft 5 inches WEIGHT: 165 LBS. BIRTHDATE: 22 August 1941 BIRTHPLACE: Orange, California

RESIDENCE: Filer, Idaho

COLLEGE: Pierce College - Los Angeles, California

Cal Poly- San Luis Obispo, California

DEGREE: Ag Business Management MINOR: Animal Science

FAMILY: Wife - Dottie; Son - Andrew; Daughter-in-law - Megan, Granddaughter - Dottie RELATIVES INVOLVED IN RODEO: Twin brother Ron, (Former PRCABull Rider) EARNED PRCA CLOWN CARD: 1970

STYLE OF DRESS: Long baggy jeans; Black beard; White eyes and mouth; Red nose with a ?

SPECIALT Y ACTS: "Snort" and "Danny Boy"



1975 to 1980; 1982 to 1991; 2004 - Canadian Professional Rodeo Finals

1978 to 1981 Badlands Circuit Finals

1987 Columbia River Circuit Finals

1980, 1981, 1987 - Indian National Finals

1981, 1982 - National High School Finals

1985 National Intercollegiate Finals

1979 ProRodeo Clown of the Year

1981 Badlands Circuit Rodeo Clown of the Year

1984, 1987 Runnerup Coors "Man-In-The-Can"

1984 to 1989 Coors "Man-In-The-Can" Program

1981 to 1985 Contract Acts Director - PRCA Board of Directors 1979 to 1983 and 1985 Barrelman - Wrangler Bull Fights Program 1980 and 1981 Alternate NFR Barrelman

197 4 to 2007 NFR Saddle Horse Boss

1988 National Old Timer's Finals

1988 Calgary Stampede

1988 Snaffle Bit Furturity

2012 Induction into ProRodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame


He'll come riding into the arena on a fiberglass horse named "Snort" and promote laughter as he faces the rankest of bulls, in what maybe one of the most dangerous professions around. His name is Jon Taylor and he is one of the PRCA's foremost funny men. Taylor is a true professional who first climbed into a barrel at Idaho Falls, Idaho because the rodeo stock contractor had a barrel but no man.


The Filer, Idaho resident was chosen by the nations top bull riders to be the barrelman at the National Finals Rodeo in 1974, 1979 and 1983. He was also awarded the prestigious "ProRodeo Clown of the Year" award in 1979 by the American Cowboy Magazine. Jon is one of only two barrelmen to have worked both the National Finals and the Canadian Finials, the latter for 14 years.

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