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Arthur Louis Tyler (Artie)

Class of 2018

Arthur Louis Tyler (Artie) was born on Lemon St. in downtown Los Angeles on June 17th, 1899. He moved to Idaho in 1912 with his family. His family was well-off and had thousands of head of cattle, but they were more “Bee Men.” His father, Edward, was a bee keeper and they primarily sold honey, primarily to France.

Artie worked sheep and cattle all his life. He registered many miles on horseback. It once took him three days to ride to JarBridge, Nevada, to deliver a stud to a U.S. outpost. He drove cattle everywhere, from Shoshone to American Falls, following the salt licks and other water holes, on down to the Snake River.

When the herds were ready for market, Art would ride with them in the cattle cars to Omaha or sometimes California. He’d then return with the train crews. Once in Black Pine Mountains, his horse spooked and Art’s foot got caught in the stirrup. He was dragged for a good bit before he managed to slip out of his boot. After dusting himself off, he found his boot, tracked down the horse, and continued working.

At the 1933 Rupert Rodeo, July 3- 4, Art was named the Best Bronc Rider in the finals with his ride being declared “of the sensational order.” He was 34 years old and married to Lydia Miller, with a son Bob. Art and Lydia went on to have five children, and made their home in Declo, Idaho. Art won the Rupert Rodeo Best Bronc Rider award again in 1937.

Art also lead numerous hunting parties by horseback, into the Selway Mountains in Central Idaho. Sometimes he was leading groups with as many as 60 pack horses. Once he recalled a pack horse carrying cartons of eggs getting spooked and leaving a trail of smashed eggs all over the flats. From that point on, it was known as the “Egg Nog Flats.”

Artie’s son Bob remembers his dad taking up other people’s cattle, sometimes 700-800 head at a time. These people included Barney Volmer, Oris Gibson and Frank Payne. He often delivered rodeo horses for Earl Hutchison. At age 81 Artie still competed in roping contests, being recognized at the Annual Capriola Days in Elko, Nevada. He and Bob team roped in the 80+ age group and won a new rope.

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