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Class of 2017

“Bingo” won the Idaho Cowboy Association’s (ICA) Bucking Horse of the Year in 1962.  He was owned by the late Jake Pope, owner and Manager of the Spur Rowel Rodeo Co. in Twin Falls, ID at that time and who was influential in funding the ICA.  Jake received the bucking horse halter for “Bingo” from Miss Rodeo Idaho, Karen Lavens at the ICA Convention. 
According to Jake, only about one out of 500 horses he bought, turned out to be a really valuable bucking horse.  What he called a proven bucking horse was one that had been bucking steadily for 5 years and was still going strong; some of them live to be about 20 years old.  He said he found that a cross between a thoroughbred and a large draft horse makes the best bucking horse because the thoroughbred gives the offspring speed and the draft horse adds strength. According to Jake, some of the bucking horses would only buck for one or two seasons.  Jake, his wife Katherine and “Bingo” are all being inducted into the Idaho Rodeo Hall of Fame posthumously this year. 

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