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Casey McGehee

Class of 2020

Casey was named after the legendary All Around Cowboy Casey Tibbs.
Casey’s father was a PRCA bronc rider and like most kids of rodeo folks he spent a lot of time going to rodeos. While Casey enjoyed all the action and talent of rodeo the guy with the camera and big bag of flash bulbs is what always seemed to draw his attention.
Casey started with a few local rodeos and then became the District 5 High School Rodeo photographer. One goal Casey had for himself was to have a full rodeo season of rodeos to shoot. Casey wanted to be the best he could be doing as many local rodeos as he could and to be chosen as the Photographer of the Year by both the Idaho Cowboy’s Association and the Intermountain Professional Rodeo Association. Not only has he been chosen Photographer of the Year by both Association in 2019 he was given the award from both in the same year.
Casey is proud to be a part of the Rodeo Community and does all he can to promote and strengthen rodeo through his pictures.

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