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Cassia County Fair and Rodeo

Class of 2022

Nestled along the banks of the Snake River, Burley, the county seat of Cassia County, is home to one of south-central Idaho’s crown jewel events: The Cassia County Fair and Rodeo.
Founded in 1910, the PRCA rodeo at the Cassia County Fair is the oldest continuous professional rodeo in the state of Idaho and annually attracts many of the top cowboys and cowgirls from not only the Wilderness Circuit, but from across the width and breadth of the professional rodeo world. It is, without a doubt, the premier annual event of the Mini-Cassia area and provides the backdrop for the annual gathering of visitors and current and past residents to revel in the area’s rich Western heritage.
Under the direction of the Cassia County fair board, the rodeo has flourished and grown through the decades to where participants and patrons have come to expect nothing short of a first-class experience, neatly wrapped in a comfortable hometown setting. In addition to top-shelf rodeo athletes, the rodeo also features specialty acts that represent the best in the rodeo entertainment world.
The rodeo has, many times been nominated for and recognized as one of the top small rodeos in the PRCA Wilderness Circuit and the state of Idaho.
From the chutes and the dirt to the countless local volunteers and crowds that pack the iconic old grandstands, the Cassia County Fair and Rodeo will always be a unique representation of the best the Western way of life has to offer.

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