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Everett Prescott

Class of 2018

Everett grew up in Twin Falls, ID. His parents raised Hereford cattle, ponies, and farmed. His parents owned Prescott Pony Farm, where Everett helped build the business at a young age. He helped build the sale barn, and he and his brother rode and trained ponies.

Everett started his rodeo career at age 13 when he joined the Idaho Cowboy’s Association. He was one of the first cowboys to do so. Jake Pope, a neighbor and owner of Spur Rowe Rodeo, gave him his start in Twin Falls at Frontier Field. Everett rose bulls and saddle bronc horses, while working for Jake. He was also pick-up man, usually partnering with Larry Thompson.

Spur Rowe Rodeo produced Everett’s favorite bronc horses, Bingo and Squaw Creek, and well as his favorite bulls, #8 and Ruby Valley. His favorite pick-up horse was Chip. Winnings in those days were belt buckles, Wrangler jeans, and sometimes money.

Everett traveled all over the West, usually with his traveling partners, bull dogger Dale Ihler and bareback rider Harold Trews. Everett hung up his bronc rope at age 38.

Out of the rodeo arena, Everett would go to Nevada with Jake Pope and his brother Bud to run mustangs. He was part of a group that rounded up 500 mustangs on the San Jacinto.

Everett was an avid hunter and the Selway was his favorite choice of grounds. He hunted bear, mountain lions, deer and elk. When his children were old enough, he took them there to hunt as well. Winters were spent on snowmobiles and attending his kids sporting events at Kimberly High School.

Everett and his wife Lola were instrumental in bringing the Little Buckaroo Rodeo to Magic Valley. His son Barry following in his footsteps to compete in High School Rodeo as a bronc rider. Everett and Lola also had the pony rides at the Twin Falls County Fair and Rodeo.

Everett married Lola Seebold in 1957. They raised three children, Sheri, Cindy, and Barry. He also adopted two sisters, Bobbie and Tanya. Upon his death he had six grandchildren.

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