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Holmes, Dennis

Class of 2023

Dennis started Rodeoing as soon as he graduated from High School. Choosing to Rodeo for Boise State University over playing other sports in college. Dennis rode saddle broncs for 13 years in the 1970’s and early 80’s. Saddle bronc riding was a huge challenge and did not come easy for him, but he identifies it as some of the most fun times of his life. With hard work it came together, and Dennis enjoyed winning rodeos like Vale, Jordan Valley, Hailey, Riggins, Baker, Haines, and Folsom CA to name a few. Dennis ended up the reserve champion in the ICA behind his brother Greg in 1981.
Dennis has been involved in the Cowboy world most of his life but the thing that he is most proud of is his involvement with Rodeo Bible camps of Idaho. Dennis and his wife Tonya have been involved with this camp for over thirty-five years. The camp has all of same rodeo events as any regular rodeo with an emphasis on the Bible.

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