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Jed Baker

Class of 2019

Jed was born and raised in Idaho and grew up with a love for livestock and the country way of life. His Grandfather had Jed riding calves before he could walk. That is where his love of Rodeo began.

Jed went to many junior rodeos as a teenager and won so many championships that he looked for new challenges. This led him to winning the Idaho State High School Steer Wrestling Championship in 1958. Unfortunately, his size kept him from following a Steer Wrestling career, however he continued to enter that event from time to time with some success.

Jed had a bucking barrel set up in the pasture for practice, and neighbor kids far and wide would show up for lessons and a fun time. Jed started several colts, learning techniques from two of Idaho's best Horseman Jim Roeser and Bob Davis. Horses he trained went on to compete in Roping events, Steer Wrestling and Barrel Racing.

Shortly after high school Jed and his friend John Quintana went to work for Bob A. Robinson breaking colts. With Bob A's encouragement, they both joined the RCA (PRCA) where he competed in BareBack riding and Bull riding. As time went on, he focused more on Bull riding as his main event. Jed went on to win or place at many RCA (PRCA) Rodeos including but not limited to: Nampa ID, Caldwell ID, Pendleton Or, Loveland CO, Estes Park CO, Denver CO, Ellensburg WA, and Santa Maria CA. After a badly broken arm Jed had to hang up his Bull Riding Rope and Chaps.

Jed became a race track farrier shoeing on tracks across the United States. During his career, he shod seven world champion race horses including an All-American winner. Jed shod horses for many rodeo contestants. Jed also shod for actors Robert Redford and Wilford Brimley and was also known to shoe a kids rodeo horse for free from time to time. Somewhere along the way he bought a race mule he affectionately called Hot Lips. She was fast out of the gate and won several races. Hotlips instilled a new love for Jed ..... Mules.

After retiring from shoeing (as much as any horse shoer really retires), Jed worked for the Idaho Forest Service rehabbing our Idaho forests after burns. Jed was always horse back with a string of his mules to carry seeds and supplies. After that Jed and his string of mules went on to pack hunters into the Ruby Mountains in Nevada for thirteen years.

Jed still enjoys "Cowboying" on a good ranch and still has a love for Livestock and Country way of life. Jed say "Rodeo will always be in my heart''.

“When asked about his career, Jed will tell you he has spent his life either on a horse or under one (shoeing). Jed is a great horseman and All Around good Cowboy." Judi VanDorn-Thacker

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