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Jim Steen

Class of 2019

Introducing Jim Steen (P)- Born in Glenns Ferry, ID.

At 25, Jim Steen, a newcomer to the pro ranks, received the Rookie of the Year award for 1964, finished off a fine first season by making the National Finals in Bull Riding and collecting $1242 for his efforts there.
He placed in three go-arounds, winning a third, a split on third and fourth, a split on first and second, and third in the average of that hard-fought contest where they draw at the rankest bucking bulls of the entire rodeo business. It was a certainty that he had a lot going for him to win third in that field and was quite an accomplishment for anyone.
He fulfilled all expectations and truly justified being selected for the Rookie award by his performance at the NFR. Chosen by the R.C.A. administrative board on the basis of showing the most competitive prowess in the first full season of the R.C.A. rodeo, the Rookie was selected from a list of seven contenders who competed in all seven championship events. Jim had a ranch and cattle at home and did some truck driving when he found time. Introduced to pro rodeo by friends Bob A. Robinson and Jim Roeser, it was a very successful move for the young fellow from Northern ID.
Jim won all around competing in saddle bronc and bull riding including several major rodeos such as Caldwell, ID, Joseph, OR and the Cow Palace in CA and Panoku Alberta Canada. He was Rookie of the year in 1964 as well as won 3rd at the finals in Los Angeles. As a judge for the PRCA, he judged at such shows as the Cow Palace, Denver and Fort Worth.
He was President of Eastern Oregon Outfitters and on the Board of Directors Mount Howard Ski Area. Jim tried to help the young cowboys starting out. He would haul them and help on their entry fees, some hurt and hungry he would bring home. His mother always had an extra plate on the table.

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