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Joe Marvel

Class of 2019

Joe Marvel was born June 26th 1955.  He grew up cowboying with Mike and Pete Marvel on the 25 Ranch, Battle Mountain, NV.

His father Tom Marvel was a great influence and teacher to all.  His brother Mike started riding broncs first.  Mike was Joe’s mentor and Joe wanted to ride just like him.  His father Tom supplied the brothers with an endless supply of saddle broncs as well as sharing his positive influence and support.  His mother Rosita was always there filming endless practices on Super eight film along with the countless prayers.

Joe went to the High School Finals in Filer, Idaho in 1971.  He went to numerous rodeos in Idaho during his career.  He won the Wilderness Circuit Finals in Twin Falls, Idaho 1978.  

Joe succeeded in going to the NFR winning in 1974.  He then went to the NFR consecutively in 1975, 1976 and in 1978 won the World Championship.  He also returned to the NFR in 1979 collectively making it the fifth time to the National Finals.

In 2005 Joe Marvel had the honor of being inducted into the Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Joe remarried in 2008 to Camma Dawn Logan combining the two families making six children Sam, MaryAlice, Whitney, Jake, Luke and Caleb.  All of the kids participated in rodeo. 
MaryAlice, Jake, Luke and Caleb received college rodeo scholarships from CSI, College of Southern Idaho.   Joe and Camma’s eight grandchildren will surely carry on the tradition of the rodeo family.  

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