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Katherine Pope

Class of 2017

​Katherine Frances Halterman Pope was born in Greeley CO on August 16 1910 . She was the 5th of 9 children.  Her parents moved to Twin Falls ID and she grew up and attended school there.  She met Jake Pope and they were married in 1930.  Jake had moved to Twin Falls from Canada.  They met at a dance.

They were married in 1930.  Her first child, Luella was born 1934 and Ronnie followed in 1938. They continued to live in Twin Falls.  Jake was always involved with livestock, trucking, working at sales, branding, whatever.  Katherine was a stay-at-home mom until the kids were in school. She worked at Western Auto Store for a short time but she and Jake both liked to have her home.  She was an excellent cook, housekeeper, wife and mother.  She sewed most of the clothes for the kids and Jake, including the western shirts Jake wore.

She always made a comfortable home for her family, even though the corrals and parking spot for the trucks were always the first concern for Jake.  She was adaptable and rolled with the punches as they arrived.

When Jake became a rodeo producer she became a rodeo secretary and timer.  She handled all of this with the ease of a pro, even though she was a novice to begin.  She, Jake and the family enjoyed the years of rodeo producing.  They made many lifetime friends and stored up lots of fond memories.

She and Jake were members of the Moose Lodge where she was Grand Matron and very active for many years.  They liked to dance, were excellent dancers and attended many local dances over the years. She was also a good seamstress and made most of the western shirts that were worn by the whole family.  Once the kids were married she was the prefect mother-in-law and the ideal perfect grandma.  She loved them all and showered with her “grandmothering” skills. They then were the recipients of western shirts and dresses.

Jake suffered a stroke that left him blind so she became a nursemaid and eyes for him.  She cared for him at home for quite some time but as time progressed she had to move him to a nursing home in Gooding. She would go from Twin to the nursing home every day,  often having to stop and sleep on her way, She sat by his bedside, crocheted, knit, did crossword puzzles, write letters, etc. to keep herself occupied as Jake slept a lot of the time.  Finally an opening in a near-by facility became available so he was moved there. This was a blessing for her and her family.

After Jake died Katherine remained in their mobile home and then moved to senior housing in Twin Falls before locating at Good Samaritan Retirement Center in Idaho Falls to be near her daughter and extended family there.

She again did what she had always done—helped others out.  Her roommate was blind so she would walk her to meals, etc.  She loved going on outings with the other residents, playing bingo and just visiting with people.  After three months she asked when where her household goods were and on being told they were in storage, she replied  ‘just as well sell them as I won’t being going home and I don’t think I’d want to.” 

She eventually had a stroke which took her speech but she could talk with eyes and still knew people.  She was moved to the Good Samaritan Nursing Home but would wheel herself back to the Retirement Center and sit in the hall so people could talk to her.

She passed away from this life in 2006 and heaven gained a new angel and Jake greeted his beloved wife.  It is a sure bet she and Jake are busy someway with horses and other people.  That is just who they were.  

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