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Kirk and Stevia Webb

Class of 2018

Kirk and Stevia Webb met while attending Montana State University, where they both graduated with degrees in Animal Science. After they married, they moved to Wendell and started their herd of 25 head of cows.

Today the take care of 500 head of cows, grazing them in the Wendell are on BLM and state allotments during the winter. The cows are hauled to the Forest Service allotment in Fairfield in the summer and trailed back to Wendell in the Fall.

Kirk, the patriarch of the Webb family, started roping at a very young age and won many year-end roping championships in PRCA, ICA and EIRA. The gave Kirk the background to teach roping skills and safety to their boys, Dan and Rob, as well as other kids in their arena. The family conducted roping schools at their place for 18 years.

In 2013, Kirk was involved in a life-threatening accident while trying to corral some cattle that had gotten loose. Kirk’s horse fell on him, bruising is brain stem. He recovered to ride and rope again, a little. After the accident, Dan returned home to run the business, while Rob has his own business, Webb Fencing.

Stevia has always raised calves so everyone had practice ones. She also keeps up on the latest cattle nutrition seminars and veterinary science talks to make sure their operation is up to date with the most modern practices.

Recognition and Awards

1975 M.S.U. National Champion Rodeo Team
1979 PRCA Wilderness Circuit Finals Calf Roping Champion
1984 PRCA Wilderness Circuit Finals Calf Roping Champion
1984 PRCA Wilderness Circuit Finals Team Roping Heeling Champion
2006 Southern Idaho Livestock Hall of Fame
M.S.U. College Rodeo Regional President
Kirk was 3 years High School Rodeo Director
Stevia was 10 years High School Rodeo Director, 7 years 4H leader

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