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Lewiston Round-up

Class of 2019

85 Years of Tradition

The Lewiston Roundup started out as a fierce post-harvest competition among area ranch hands. Farmers finished harvesting their crops and came to Lewiston from throughout the area for entertainment, which the Roundup provided.  It soon evolved into well trained cowboys and thousands of dollars up for prize money. 
Year after year the community looked forward to the fall roundup and great rodeo entertainment in their home town. The Roundup board has always consisted of volunteers who were eager to keep the spirit of the west alive.  

They have passed down great pride and enthusiasm and have strived every year since 1935 to thrill crowds with the best bucking stock, cowboys, and cowgirls in the nation. 
What started out as a few farmers celebrating the end of a long and hot harvest with cars parked in a circle and some cowboys testing their skills on broncy ranch horses with a whoop and holler  has grown into an elaborate production.  The Lewiston Roundup is now one of the top sixty PRCA Rodeos in the United States. 
Every second weekend in September you can expect to hear that familiar echo throughout the Tammany valley of our National Anthem and “We give it to you western”.  Bright lights, cowgirls on fast horses with bling, the scent of curly fries and Lewiston Roundup hamburgers set the scene.  Wild music in tune to the melody of fancy bronc rides.   The crowd is wowed by the nation’s top animal, cowboy, and cowgirl athletes trying to catch themselves a world title.   Sharing their culture and heritage the Nez Perce join the grand entry on their fine appaloosa horses and majestically wearing traditional regalia.
Always serving the community so many local clubs and charities are able to help facilitate and benefit the event from flipping burgers, to parking cars, to teaching local women how to rope a dummy for local breast cancer patients.  Community support second to none from all of our local businesses sharing the same desire to carry on eighty-five years of tradition.
After eighty-five years of tradition it’s still a chance to celebrate a great harvest and see friends and neighbors you haven’t seen all year.  A place for youngsters to watch their heroes’ rope and ride and dream of riding in that famous arena dirt someday too. 

The Lewiston Round Up will always be “She’s Wild”

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