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Lisa Rae Davis

Class of 2017

Lisa was born and raised on a ranch East of Laramie, Wyoming to parents Don and Anna Dunlavy. Lisa has 3 siblings, Linda Johnson of Laramie, Lourie Dunlavy of Kinnear, Wyoming and Danny Dunlavy of Laramie, Wyoming. Her playground was the mountains and sand dunes, riding and playing make believe cowboys and Indians. 

Then on to Pony Rodeos, twice a week all summer we would ride over 6.5 miles each evening and ride home along the 80 Highway (just building). She remembered at times falling asleep going home on the horses. 

Soon to follow were the Little Britches Rodeos, Open Rodeos and then High School Rodeos, competing at the Wyoming State Finals 4 years and qualifying for the National High School Finals for 4 years and only going and competing one time, with the team winning the Nation in 1971. Lisa competed in the breakaway, team roping, pole bending and barrel race. 

In the early high school years, Lisa rode and competed on hunters and jumpers for Jan Fisher and the Evers Family in the Denver area. But missing the sport of rodeo, went back to running barrels and roping. She received a scholarship to University of Wyoming in Rodeo and went for a semester, then got a WPRA card and started to Pro Rodeo. Then she was recruited to go to Southeastern Oklahoma State University to rodeo on scholarship again. Met with horse trainer Kay Blandford and moved to Oklahoma and competed in college rodeos and traveled and lived with Kay for 3 years, also going to pro rodeos. Went to the NIRA Finals 3 years and helped the team win the nation. Graduated with a BA in Education was a big accomplishment for Lisa. 

Lisa made numerous winning futurity horses including winning the Reno Futurity and Texas Maturity and National Finals Rodeo Qualifier in 1982, in OKC, on a stallion Bar Ours, by Flit Bar. She has won 10 saddles throughout her lifetime. 

Lisa helped John manage the NFR Bucking Horse and Bull Sale for 22 years doing the books and paperwork. Lisa and John have 2 daughters, Abby Michaelis of Adrian, Oregon who raises and trains horses. Britt Davis, she works at a medical facility in Boise, Idaho. LiLisa and family now have a breeding program, 3 stallions, and broodmares that they raise and train for barrel racing and roping along with breeding outside mares. The business name is Our Performance Horses on Facebook. 
About 6 months ago, Lisa decided to promote her LRae Photography career since she has taken photos for years and simply stored them away. So look for her photos and cards on FB under LRae Photography. 

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