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Rob Struthers

Class of 2019

Rob has been  Southern Idaho resident since 1949 in a family in agriculture and business in Southern Idaho since 1883.   He has ben an operator in organic hay, pasture and dry pasture ranches with beef cattle, sheep and American Quarter horses in Blaine, Camas, Jerome and Twin Falls Counties since 1973.

In 1993, Katie Breckenridge and longtime rancher/farmer Rob Struthers joined their operation together.  The B Bar B is the headquarters and the cattle are moved to Rob’s Fairfield and Magic dry grazing lands in the summer and fall.  The ranch sits at the end of Robert Street-named after Rob’s great Uncle whose family built the railroads through Picabo in 1883.  The sheep camp wagons are still stored on the ranch.  The ranch is now home to over eighty head of brood mares, two year olds, and older horses.  The horses have all been raised on the ranch and represent over thirty years of a horse breeding program.

In 2000, all of Rob and Katie Breckenridges lands, sheep and beef cattle became certified organic.  They started the Picabo Lean Inc. to market their livestock.

From 1996 – 2011, he organized, promoted and ran the B Bar B Ranch Horse Production Sale and The Women of the West Horse Sale with his wife Katie Breckenridge.      
Rob has been a member and or Chairman of the Blaine and Lincoln Counties FmHA Committee, Blaine County Planning and Zoning Commission, Member and/or Chairman, Board of Directors of District 45 Canal System, Blaine County, ID, a licensed realtor in Idaho since 1992 and licensed real estate broker in Idaho since January of 2000. 
He is an active land planner with an understanding of water rights, zoning ordinances, subdivision ordinances, overlay districts and conservation easements.
Rob has been on the Wood River Watershed Advisory Group Executive Board, representing irrigated agriculture on court mandated water quality standards. 
From 1997 to 2000, he organized a grass roots rancher and farmer organization with over 100 participants in Blaine County representing over 100,000 acres plus of A10 and A20 lands whose sole purpose is the protection of private property rights for the agricultural lands in Blaine County.

He has been a Member and/or Chairman of the Board of Directors for the State of Idaho Water District 37, and the hydrographer for Upper Wood Rivers Water Measurement District.  He was a member and/or Chairman of the State of Idaho Water District 37 Board of Directors from 2014 – 2018.
Rob is a current member of the Carey Rural Fire and Rescue Board of Commissioners.

In 2013 Rob was inducted into the Southern Idaho Livestock Hall of Fame in recognition of his outstanding service for the promotion and general welfare of the livestock and agricultural industry of southern Idaho.

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