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Smith, Dave

Class of 2022

Was born and raised around Meridian Idaho. He always wanted to be a cowboy. When he was very young, he would pack water to the hay crews on his Grandpa’s old horse. In high school, Dave started hanging out with some other kids who were interested in riding and rodeo and they went to some ICA rodeos for a couple of years. In 1975, Dave went to a Barback riding School put on by Shawn Davis and J.C. Trujillo where he learned a lot and won the most improved the jackpot. After that he started to get serious about rodeoing. In 1976 we built an arena at my parent’s place in Meridian and kept a few practice horses and bulls. Most weeks we spent three or four evenings with friends over practicing and having a good time learning. The rest of the time I went to as many ICA and PRCA rodeos as possible and figured out there was prize money and as well as fun involved. In 1977 Dave placed 5th in the Wilderness Circuit in the Bareback riding with help from money won at Rupert, Idaho and Grace Idaho and other Idaho rodeos.
After marring and moving to Jordan Valley he raised cattle and keep some longhorn cattle to raise roping calves and steers. His calves and steers have been used at several rodeos. Dave rode barback horses until 1983.
As his children grew up, he was involved with several different associations including Gem State Rodeos, Got Milk Rodeos, IGRA Rodeos and District 2 High School Rodeos. He was an event director for several events for the Gem State Rodeo Association and the President in 1999 and 2000 and served on the board for several years. Dave was also the Adult President for the District 2 High School Rodeo in 2003-2005 and served on the Idaho State Board of Directors.
In 2003, with the help of a lot of friends Dave started a rough stock clinic for high school kids to help them get a safe start. He recruited the help of some PRCA contestants, and the ICA held a judging clinic in conjunction with the rough stock clinic.
In 2000 he and others started a Junior Rodeo in Jordan Valley and have been helping put it on ever since.
Helping kids get started rodeoing seems like a good way to pay it forward for all that he has been given and he will always appreciate and remember his “rodeo” family.

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