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Tim Oyler

Class of 2020

Tim began his career in rodeo at a very young age. He got his start by helping behind the chutes of his father’s Rodeo Company. Tim started his career out in front of the chutes to be “the clown” and lifesaver to help the kids. Clowning and “cowboy lifesaving” bull fighting led Tim to an incredible career for 34 years. He worked many Idaho amateur, high school, college and RCA rodeos. His greatest personal achievement was being chosen the NHSRA “Bullfighter of the Decade” in 1977. He also protected College National Finals Bull riders for five years in Bozeman, Montana.
Tim taught speech and drama at the Jerome Idaho School District from 1973-1980, he also served as the athletic director and rodeo team coach and advisor.
He never hesitated to distract a bull for a rider to get to safety, never flinched when a rider was hung up, do or die it was always bout the rider. Yet, he could turn around and have the time of his life jumping over the head of a bull or putting on totally obnoxious clown acts.
He lives by his words “Do what brings you the most joy in life so you don’t have regrets later about missing the opportunity because life is to short”.

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