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Wilson, Rollie

Class of 2023

For over 40 years Rollie has entertained audiences on and off the screen. From a Rodeo Rider and Marlboro Man, to today's Action Film maker. Rollie has performed and thrilled the crowds of thousands around the World. Rollie won many awards around the World including Mr. Idaho USA. A Rodeo Cowboy since 1968, starting with Little Britches. Rollie Rodeoed in the ICA, EIRA and CCA. In 1979 Rollie was the Montana High School Rodeo Champion Bareback rider. Rollie also qualified for the Wilderness Circuit Finals and in 1980 won the California Circuit Championship. That same year Rollie qualified for the National Finals Rodeo. In 1981 Rollie competed in the World Cup Rodeo in Australia. Rollie retired from rodeo after winning The Senior Pro National Championship in 1995. During that time, Rollie was hired by Leo Burnett Ad agency to do print work as "The Marlboro Man". He began acting, modeling and performing light stunts in 1983 after appearing in several commercials and television productions. (Lee Jeans, Eveready Battery, Pontiac and Miller Beer). He solidified his role in the World of Stunts in 1998 when he founded Stunt Grunts Inc., a select group of Stunt performers dedicated to bringing scripts to life. In early 2002, Rollie opened Rollywood Studios in Simi Valley, California, a 4,000 square foot Green Screen facility and production company, which immediately opened its doors to independent film productions. Rollie is now involved with developing his own projects to Direct. His latest movie, “2 Sinners and a Mule” has recently been released. His film credits include such films as The Titanic, The Mummy, The Thin Red Line, Troy and The War of the Worlds.

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